Perc - breaking news (June 4, 2023)

Solarge launches lightweight PERC modules with low carbon footprint

Dutch solar manufacturer Solarge has unveiled two versions of its lightweight mono-PERC solar panels for rooftop applications ... | 2 days ago
Best solar panels UK 2023

The Evolution Titan 445 solar panels are the newest Project Solar has to offer. Their solid output and efficiency, combined with the most generous warranty there is on the market, lands them as the ... | 10 days ago
New study: Propane terminal tractors run cleaner than diesel

Data from a new study with PERC shows a reduction in emissions from using propane-powered terminal tractors compared to ... | 2 days ago
Where to celebrate King Charles III's coronation around Dayton

May 5—The Dayton area is ready to celebrate King Charles III's coronation Saturday, May 6. Despite taking place halfway across the globe and streaming live at 6 a.m. local time, the coronation has ... | 1 day ago
10 ways to hack the espresso martini cocktail recipe

Something new. Swapping Base Spirits & Sweet Dessert Options While bars continue to serve the classic with pleasure, bartenders are starting to get frisky and play with core ingredients. At The ... | 1 day ago
‘Amazing but absurd’: how worm-charming is drawing Cornish art back to its roots

Among artist Georgia Gendall’s projects is a riotous annual competition to lure these creatures from the soil – hopefully ... | 12 days ago
Jet fuel becomes cheaper from today

Fuel retailers are supposed to revise petrol and diesel prices daily based on a 15-day rolling average of benchmark ... |
Propane Personality: Dan Binning

Dan Binning. Executive Director, Colorado and New Mexico Propane Gas Associations. EDUCATION. University of Southern ... | 2 days ago
Trina Solar launches integrated PV and energy storage systems at SNEC, total solutions leading N-type value

In addition, Trina Solar launched its advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology globally at the show, leading the n-type value. New ... | 4 days ago
Eastbourne to celebrate World Refill Day on June 16

On World Refill Day, Eastbourne’s Mayor will be declaring “open” the most recently installed drinking water refill stations in the town. This will be a rolling ceremony, visiting seven or eight ... | 3 days ago
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