Lectionary - breaking news (March 30, 2023)

Jesus’ ‘triumphal’ entry on Palm Sunday in Matthew 21 video discussion

The gospel lectionary reading for Palm Sunday in Year A is Matthew 21.1–11. It offers a distinct change of pace from the ...
www.psephizo.com | 3 days ago
April 2, Passion Sunday A (Matthew 26:14-27:66)

Each year it strikes me how powerfully, pitilessly, and painfully the Passion does this to me, stepping into my life to draw me into participation, into recognition of my own life being portrayed in ...
www.christiancentury.org | 2 days ago
Jesus raises Lazarus in John 11 video discussion

The gospel lectionary reading for Lent 5 in Year A is the raising of Lazarus in John 11, the last of our four encounters ...
www.psephizo.com | 8 days ago
Wawa First United Church News – Fifth Sunday in Lent

This Sunday we held a communion Service, and are now looking forward to next Sunday which is Palm Sunday, NOTICES: We invite you to join us on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Bible Study wit ...
wawa-news.com | 7 hours ago
Even if it's not a Catholic tradition, Mother's Day is a good idea

Commercial Mother's Day cards have the conventional Eastertide palette of pastels and pinks. A range of cards for stepmothers ...
www.thetablet.co.uk | 9 days ago
Fifth Sunday of Lent: The Raising of Lazarus

When Jesus invokes physical realities such as water, light and life, they are real — and they point to realities beyond ...
www.ncregister.com | 3 days ago
'Purple church' pastors mull leadership strategies in polarizing times

Each Wednesday evening, a group of congregants from First Baptist Church of Mt. Olive, located about 65 miles southeast of Raleigh, North Carolina, gathers for a Bible study called “Tackling Tough ...
www.christiancentury.org | 1 day ago
Jesus Christ is the promise that is never broken

The book of Ezekiel is a testimony that for tells a promise from God, a new day is coming. This promise is Jesus Christ.
www.heraldandtribune.com | 3 days ago
Fourth Sunday of Lent: Healing of the Man Born Blind

In one sense, the man born blind is everyman — every one of us — born blind because of original sin. As noted last week, the ...
www.ncregister.com | 10 days ago
Getting to know God the Father through Jesus

Part of the way that they excuse this persecution is that they are testing his claim that God is his Father: “Let us see ...
www.americamagazine.org | 5 days ago
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