Hands - breaking news (March 30, 2023)

I’m a celeb hairdresser & these are the famous faces whose hair I would love to get my hands on, says Salon 64’s owner

HE’S styled some of the biggest names in showbiz and now celebrity hairdresser Ricky Walters is keen to get his hands on ...
www.thesun.co.uk | 14 hours ago
iPhone owners are just realising a game-changing ‘no hands’ trick to unlock your device

EVER got your hands mucky in the kitchen and not able to unlock your iPhone for something? Maybe it’s timed out and you can ...
www.thesun.co.uk | 15 hours ago
Astonishing moment man uses his bare hands to rescue NINE trapped Congolese gold miners

Mining accidents are rife in the giant Central African country, especially at smaller sites such as the one in South Kivu province that collapsed on Saturday following heavy rainfall.
www.msn.com |
Mum discovers the ultimate hack to keep her phone from her curious toddler's hands: 'All parents need this'

The mum purchased a faux book that has a small cut-out just big enough to fit her phone. Farah simply places her phone inside ...
www.msn.com |
DR Congo man uses bare hands to rescue trapped gold miners

Following heavy rain, a tragedy was narrowly averted at a collapsed gold mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo after nine ...
www.bbc.co.uk | 21 hours ago
'Hopefully someone will grab the chance with both hands' - Davidson

"Nicky and Stevie [May] were our two main strikers but now there is a chance for somebody else, this is why you work hard in ...
www.bbc.co.uk | 13 hours ago
Man uses his bare hands to rescue nine trapped diggers at gold mine

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video This is the ...
metro.co.uk | 15 hours ago
AI has finally figured out how to draw hands – removing the one easy way to identify deepfake images

The latest version of Midjourney, which generates images from simple text prompts, marks a significant improvement from previous iterations of generative AI technology, which typically depicts human ...
www.msn.com |
Chelsea expert hands in transfer request to join Thomas Tuchel at Bayern Munich

Thomas Tuchel is keen to raid Chelsea's coaching staff to help him save Bayern Munich's season, with the German officially ...
www.mirror.co.uk | 2 days ago
Meet Jermaine Franklin, a soft soul with heavy hands meant for Anthony Joshua

Jermaine Franklin is among the softer souls to possess such heavy hands. In fact, his voice is gentle enough that it is ...
www.msn.com |
Sunak sails through the water torture at MPs’ hands

Mashed potato, warm Horlicks, Vichyssoise, an undersalted blanquette de veau: a few of the things that drifted through one’s ...
www.thetimes.co.uk | 1 day ago
Man uses bare hands to rescue trapped gold miners

Footage shows men crawling out of hole at a gold mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a man used his bare hands to clear away debris. A lack of safety procedures and proper equipment are ...
www.bbc.com | 13 hours ago
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