Accommodations - breaking news (March 30, 2023)

From student accommodations to short-term rentals

IT started back in 2014 as a public-private partnership with The University of West Indies (The UWI), Mona: One company ... | 18 hours ago
Accommodations on campus, explained

The ‘Prince’ spoke to administrators who supervise the accommodation process and students who have experienced the process ... | 23 hours ago
Aiken City Council allocates revenue to organizations from accommodations tax

Twenty-one groups will receive a total of $400,000 in accommodations tax revenue collected in Aiken. The Aiken City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to approve the recommendations of the ... | 12 days ago
Where to stay in Macao: Accommodations for every type of traveller

A wide variety of places to stay that caters to every need. Macao is best known for its casinos, but there is actually a lot ... | 3 days ago
Wisconsin’s disabled voters face barriers amid ‘massive confusion’

Disabled voters push for better protection voting absentee and with assistance after temporary ban that disenfranchised some ... | 1 day ago
Should U.S. airlines pay passengers for delays like the EU?

Some passengers are also entitled to free meals and accommodations. HAS EU261 ACTUALLY REDUCED DELAYS? Given the financial ... | 12 hours ago
‘I have rheumatoid arthritis, earn £960 a month from one job and my bills are £1,700 – can I get PIP?’

I’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I have severe anxiety. Despite this I have just managed to get a part-time ... | 18 hours ago
Supreme Court to hear lawsuit involving disability activist

The Supreme Court will decide whether a disabled activist can file disability rights lawsuits against hotels she doesn't ... | 2 days ago
11 Sample IEP Goals for Focus and Attention (+5 Accommodations)

IEP goals for focus and attention can be tailored to address specific needs of students, such as reducing distractions or ... | 1 day ago
Mobility accommodations helped me enjoy an early spring vacation

During a recent trip to Disney World, columnist Mike Naple prioritized his health by requesting disability accommodations. It ... | 12 days ago
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