Edward Snowden - breaking news (November 29, 2022)

Snowden on his bitcoin holdings: 'I’m not at risk of going hungry'

Three months after the U.S. government blacklisted the Ethereum mixing tool Tornado Cash, Edward Snowden called it a "do or die moment" that people in the crypto community "largely aren't taking ...
Yahoo | 6 days ago
Edward Snowden Calls Coinbase Over-Compliance ‘Toxic and Embarrassing’

As society progressed from dial-up modems to near-constant online presence via smartphones, the ways in which people ...
Inside Bitcoins | 8 days ago
Edward Snowden: Sanctioning of Ethereum Mixer Tornado Cash Was 'Deeply Illiberal and Profoundly Authoritarian'

Edward Snowden was an early investor in Bitcoin. Crypto investors are now wondering what happened to Snowden’s BTC holdings ...
Inside Bitcoins | 10 days ago
Edward Snowden Slams NYT Feature On Sam Bankman-Fried: 'Justice Is Blind'

Edward Snowden is back in the Paul Revere horsey saddle -- hooray! I’ve been walking around in a one-man parade with happy balloons all day. There are ...
CounterPunch |
Edward Snowden: Crypto is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Edward Snowden heeft zich expliciet uitgelaten over bitcoin. De bitcoin koers in het bijzonder. Op zijn Twitter-account zegt ...
bitcoinmagazine | 6 days ago
WA |

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